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From dusk till dawn, Amsterdam always shows its beauty 💙 What’s your favourite city? | #visitamsterdam

Weekend reflections ✨ | #haarlem

Köln + #puddlegram = eau de cologne 😉👋🏼 | Hope you all had a good weekend 🙌🏼😊

Cornered in Amsterdam 💙 | Have a good weekend all of you! 🙌🏼👋🏼😊

Hunting light in the city of love ❤️ Verona is a special place. Have you ever been there? | #verona

My favorite windmill at sunrise 🌆 #adriaantje! 🙌🏼 Check out the before and after in my stories 📲

Layer cake 🎂 How many windows do you count? And is this the craziest architecture you’ve ever seen? 🤔🤗 #zaandam

As above, so below 🙌🏼 Amsterdam at its finest, just after sunrise 💙 Are you a morning person? 🌆

Verona views 💙 I always thought Paris was the city of love, untill I went to Verona 💙

TGIF! 🎉 Have good weekend all! And congrats to my lovely lady @travel_tanya 🎉🎁🎊🎈HBD!

Once upon a time in Cinque Terre 🧡💙

🌸🌺 Have you ever visited Amsterdam? Or is it still on your bucketlist? | #amsterdam