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?A collector of beautiful moments ? Collecting usually achieved while consuming large quantities of coffee ☕️ Seattle is home

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I wonder how many months you could photograph fall color for if you followed it across the globe🧐🤔

Because you requested it, here’s the foggy morning shot. Followed by the short vid of the super fit guy who loves cold lake swims in autumn 🍂💪🏻🙈🦄 I’m assuming none of you would do that 😳

In a land far, far away, I met a penguin. Observing penguins in the wild had always been at the top of my list. Seeing them roam free and watching their daily routine with minimal or no distraction in the places they call home . The day I had this tour scheduled, I was extremely sick to my stomach. No! There was no way I could have traveled all the way to the Falkland Islands for "one" day, and not see a wild penguin. That was not an option. I took any over the counter stomach soothing items i could get my hands on, and went for it. The ride to see the colony was rough. It was not a paved road or ever a dirt road. It was rugged uneven farmland in a land rover with little to no shock support. When we finally arrived I knew it was worth it. Typically there is a rope on the ground you must stay behind that surrounds the penguin colony. A wildlife biologist I know had given me a tip. He said if I laid on the ground, the penguins would come to me. Feeling a wee bit better I thought I was up to the task. I looked for a spot on the ground away from the rope with the least penguin poop, and laid down. In about 10 minutes, the first curious gentoo penguin made its way over to me looking like it wanted a hug. Not to worry, no hugs were exchanged. Correct me if I"m wrong but was the penguin was doing "blue steel" in the second image? Being ground level with these fascinating creatures was a game changer. They gave me a few strange looks, checked out my clothing, and went about their day. This is a moment I'll never forget. Those wild, unique, authentic, beautiful interactions that you can call your own. They all fill in the pages and chapters of this captivating b ook called life. #thetravelbootcamp2019 #beintrepid @intrepidtravel @thetravelbootcamp #penguins #wildlife #yourshotphotographer

I’m officially ready to join the fall color party. I know I’m a wee bit late. I had to soak in a little springtime in New Zealand first. Can you blame me. Cherry trees, mountains, blue lakes. new friendships, spring breezes and some of the cutest baby animals out there. So who’s found some new top secret fall color spots they want to share with me and my goat friend? 😮🍁 🐐 *** *** ** ** ** ** #washington #roamtheplanet #livetravelchannel #greatnorthcollective #roadtripusa #liveauthentic #fall #optoutside #agameoftones #thatpnwlife #urban #washingtonexplored #livewashington #thenwadventure #wanderwashington #artofvisuals #liveoutdoors #reflection #pnwonderland #cascadiaexplored #upperleftusa #nikonnofilter #agameoftones #pnw #wildernessculture #wildlife #outside_project #northwestnature #goat

Link in bio. Honored to have 3 of my images up for people’s choice voting at @nature_org. I’m blown away by the images on this page and I think you will be as well. Mine are not too far from the top being a mild procrastinator and all 🤷‍♀️😂🙏🏻 link in bio ** ** ** #penguins #wildlife #animals #travel #kingpenguins #pnwonderland #yourshotphotographer #antarctica #exploretocreate #tourism #southgeorgia #animalplanet #wildlifeplanet #sublimewilderness #exploretocreate #keepitwild #stayandwander #earthfocus #wildlifephotography #agameoftones #nationalgeographic #mountains #roamtheplanet #lonelyplanet #tlpicks #mylpguide #stayandwander #adventure