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Tokyo, Japan?? A place to discover the beauty of Tokyo. #discovertokyo for feature.

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Shinjuku glowing (📸: @311neko )

Shinjuku reflections (📸: @itchban )

Tokyo’s icon (📸: @miyazaki_japan )

Side streets of Shibuya (📸: @onelosttraveller )

Autumn alley (📸: @35mmfullsize )

takeover @kohki To wrap up everything here’s a photo I’ve been spotting people use as their phone wallpaper. It’s always nice seeing people love my work as much as I love creating them. Thanks for staying tuned for the take over! #discovertokyo

takeover @kohki Alice was the person who motivated me to pursue photography. It’s such an amazing story but I won’t tell you all too in detail here because I have something planned. w/ @_alicechoi_ #discovertokyo #shrine #tokyo

takeover @kohki So I meet so many creatives and I have so many great friends all around the world now. It’s crazy to even wrap my head around. But Lichi @lichipan is someone who I met in Tokyo for a few hours and next thing I know I’m in a suit attending events and casually strolling through Santorini with her. Life’s crazy! w/ @lichipan #discovertokyo #teamlabborderless

takeover @kohki Tag someone you’d travel to Tokyo with✨ When I came back to tokyo almost 3 years ago, I messaged @nao_ik now my good friend to be my model. At that time both Nao and I were new to portraits but now we’ve came so far. Some of the most beautiful cityscape witnessed was with her and this one is no exception😌 w/ @nao_ik #discovertokyo #tokyo #followmeto #japan

takeover @kohki Hi everyone! My name is Kohki and I am a content creator here on @instagram I will be taking over discover Tokyo for a week to show you my perspectives. I will have a few other creatives do a take over right after so stay tuned for that as well! #discovertokyo #anime #animewall #skateboarding

Asakusa street views (📸: @nealkumar )

Geisha in Ginza (📸: @xx_s_a_i_xx )