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The cuddle piles are unreal these days, guys.

Snooze Town, USA

Heard Sammy fussing and came back in the room to find Mr. Nanny diligently checking on his baby. Good boy, Ollie. 😭🙈❤️

Also, Sammy loves Ollie. Not once in his whole one month of life has Sammy ever cried from Ollie’s kisses. They are buds, for sure.

Sammy is one month old today! Things have been going so well, figuring out our new rhythms as a pack of four. Whenever we try to lay Sammy down for some nap time, Ollie always pops up and makes sure to lay down right next to Sammy. Ollie is on watch, but not defensive. He’s always checking the bassinet before he comes to snuggle us at night and he’s even been helping Katie with late night feedings. The other night he brought her some of his chew toys while she fed Sammy, like an offering to say “that looks like it hurts, here, have my chewy.” Best/sleepiest big brother ever.

Giving this bro a much earned baby break at the park.

Pretty melty scene here right now

He’s here! Little Sammy has joined the pack. Ollie adores Sammy, and Sammy coo’s whenever Ollie’s ears touch him. More updates soon. Have to go continue our cuddle pile now.

Captain’s Log: Week 40 + 6 days pregnant. The beast continues to never leave my side. Clingy level has hit ultimate max. Baby is healthy. We continue to wait.

Cooooooool day hiking at Ollie’s favorite spot. Happy birthday, O. Our pack wouldn’t be the same without you. ❤️✨❤️✨❤️

Birthday boy! 3 years old today and still sleeping in like a teenager. No baby yet, but there’s still a chance baby could come today and they’d have the same birthday...

Thank you for all the love on our baby news post, guys! This pregnancy has been so great and we credit Ollie’s good vibes a part of the recipe. He has been so attentive and snuggly the entire 9 months. This video is from the first trimester. A pretty normal Ollie+bump scene. They say dogs can hear the baby’s heartbeat very early on. How wild and amazing is that!? ❤️✨